Veterinary Behaviorist

OK. Off the topics of my usual posts, but I have a dog named Buster.  He has separation anxiety to the max.  So much so that we have him on Fluoxetine (doggy Prozac).

I have talked to the director of training at the SPCA, and she recommends seeing a veterinary behaviorist.  She gave us two in the area that have good reputations.  I am putting them here for anyone else who may benefit from the information.

Dr. Karen Sweda, Los Angeles, 310 473-2951
Stephanie Swartz, Tustin, 949-342-6644 website

Also, she recommended other resources to help with reading a dog’s body language and managing multiple dogs in the house.

iOS App – Sue Sternberg’s Dog Park Assistant  – Body language
Managing Your Multi-dog Household – Patricia McConnell