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When Gmail doesn’t work in Outlook behind a firewall

If you have Gmail setup in Outlook on a computer and you are not able to send any mail, it may be a problem with the way the firewall is handling traffic. If you don’t have access to the firewall, here is a method that may help.

Go to the server settings for the Gmail account in Outlook and set the SMTP server port to 587. Also, set the encryption to Auto.

That’s it!

Remote Web Workplace Internal Error 2825 When Connecting Remotely

I encountered an error when trying to connect to a server using Remote Web Workplace (RWW) from a Windows 8 PC to a Windows 2012 Server.  The RWW was on our SBS2008 server.  I was able to connect to Windows XP and the SBS2008 server itself.  I just was not able to connect to the Windows 2012 servers.

After some searching, I found this post that had information to fix the problem.  This ended up working: SBS 2008 – Is Network Level Authentication (NLA) supported through Remote Web Workplace (RWW)??

Essentially, a web file needs to be modified to change the way Remote Desktop Clients 6.1 connect to the servers.

Using Notepad, modify the following file:

C:\Program Files\Windows Small Business Server\Bin\webapp\Remote\tsweb.aspx

Add the following line to the configRdp61OnlySettings sub:

MsRdpClient.AdvancedSettings6.EnableCredSspSupport = TRUE

When you are finished the configRdp61OnlySettings sub should look similar to this:

sub configRdp61OnlySettings
 ' If GatewayCredSharing is not set, customer will see two logon prompts - for TSG and TS server, but we should continue
 On Error Resume Next
 if (<%=UseTsGatewayFlag%>) then 
 ' Pass the credentials used for the gateway to the remote computer
 MsRdpClient.TransportSettings2.GatewayCredSharing = 1
 MsRdpClient.TransportSettings2.GatewayDomain = "<%=RWWUtilities.QuoteVbscriptString(strQualifiedDomainName)%>"
 end if
 MsRdpClient.AdvancedSettings6.EnableCredSspSupport = TRUE
end sub

Try the connection. It should work.