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Building Permits Can Help With Insurance Claims

Another tip I got from reading “Grounding and Bonding for the Radio Amateur” by Ward Silver was this line from page 1.11.

Being “out of code” may also affect your ability to successfully make a future insurance claim or renew your insurance.

This got me to thinking about the projects I would like to do around the house.  Even though the projects seem like minor modifications to the house (adding outdoor lights to the back of the house), I should probably check with the city.  This will accomplish a couple of things.  One is the city will be verifying the safety of the modification, and the other is that the insurance company will not be able to say the modification invalidates my coverage.

Grounding a Portable Generator

I was reading “Grounding and Bonding for the Radio Amateur” by Ward Silver to learn what I need to do for safely setting up my radio station.  I’ve only read the first chapter, but I’m finding the information very useful.

A brief reference to grounding a portable generator piqued my interest because I have a generator and have never grounded it.  The book references an document published by OSHA regarding grounding a portable generator titled “Grounding Requirements for Portable Generators“.

I haven’t grounded my generator in the past, but this got me to thinking about it.  There is an outlet on the generator that has a ground prong, but if I don’t ground the generator what does it do?  Probably nothing!

So I will be reading that article and the manufacturer’s manual for my generator to make sure I properly ground it in the future.