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Veterinary Behaviorist

OK. Off the topics of my usual posts, but I have a dog named Buster.  He has separation anxiety to the max.  So much so that we have him on Fluoxetine (doggy Prozac).

I have talked to the director of training at the SPCA, and she recommends seeing a veterinary behaviorist.  She gave us two in the area that have good reputations.  I am putting them here for anyone else who may benefit from the information.

Dr. Karen Sweda, Los Angeles, 310 473-2951
Stephanie Swartz, Tustin, 949-342-6644 website

Also, she recommended other resources to help with reading a dog’s body language and managing multiple dogs in the house.

iOS App – Sue Sternberg’s Dog Park Assistant  – Body language
Managing Your Multi-dog Household – Patricia McConnell

Migrating phpBB database to 1&1 hosting

I recently had a project where we were moving our hosting to 1&1.  This included moving our phpBB database to the new host.

Some of this was based on the KB article at .

Somethings to note:

  1. Before exporting the database, change the default board to prosilver.
  2. On 1&1 hosting, the database user name starts with dbo and is not exactly the same as the database name as it is with some hosts.
  3. Use BigDump to populate the database.  Otherwise, the phpAdmin times out and does not populate all the tables.
  4. BigDump only processes .sql and .gz files.  To get the .sql file into 1&1, zip it and upload it.  Then unzip it.
  5. If the phpBB version is more current than the database, download the new phpBB version from phpBB. Unzip into a new folder.  Rezip the install folder and upload to the phpBB folder on the new host.  Unzip it there.