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Error Creating Project Without NuGet Installed

It’s frustrating when you get a new application installed and you just want to create a little project to see how it works when the whole process is interrupted with an error message.  Not just any error message but the cryptic kind that refuses to go any further until you take care of the problem.

This is what happened after I installed Visual Studio 2012 and wanted to create an MVC4 project.  I clicked the button and wham!  The message below was displayed.  The project directory was created, but none of the files were created, not even the solution file.

NuGet Error Message

Error indicating NuGet is not installed

I searched for a solution but after a while I figured I would just try to understand what the error was trying to tell me.  It is basically saying that the NuGet Package Manager is not installed.  Now, I thought that this would have been part of the installation so I was looking for something else.  However, I found that my best guess was to go to the Extensions manager and see what was there.

I found that NuGet indeed was NOT installed.  I found it under the gallery, the first item there.  So I installed it and tried creating another project.  This time it worked.

So, what I learned from this is that I need to read the error message and try to understand what it is telling me.  It may save me some time from searching for an answer I could come up with myself.